April 11, 2010

The Week mY braIn saY its Need Rest~~

whoa..its been quite a while is it...a lot of things happen..and Thank God..most of them was a good thing indeed..last week was such a hell of the most hectic week for me. ..the whole week..i was busy preparing myself for the interview...photostat this, photostat that..copy this, copy that...and a wholesome things to do...since this is actually my first interview since i graduated two years ago...its been really nerve-wrecking experience to me plus..this is not like any other organizations...its WWF man...huh!...luckily all that hard work pays..at least i got the chance to go for a second round...hehe...so there is still hope...the first interview are going well not the way i expected it to be but yup..its good right..plus..i kinda thought the interview session was quite funny...another event that took me by surprise was..i've been called to attend the SPA exam..i'm quite shocked since i just applied three weeks ago..and plus i got the news the day before i the interview i've been preparing for the whole week...i just panic...i really thought i dont have time to prepare it all...but..i really come to think that Lady Luck really been staying with me for quite some time...Stay on My Lady..i do everything to make your stay worth it...haha..well..all i can do now is work for it and hope for the best aite!!! *Wink* Ciao Bella*