July 19, 2011

Welcome to Betong:: Thailand Post 95110

It was an unexpected trip! little that I have expected that i've got the chance to get across the Thai border. I've prepared myself that this trip was all about work, and luckily I bring my international passport along! ehe!

After finishing our talk to the first two schools and stuffing ourself with Durians, Rambutan and Dokong..(oh gosh!! it has been three days..and i am still stuffing myself up with these fruits...it was everywhere!! hehe!) we went back to our Rest House in Baling, freshen up our self and we ready to Sawadeekaa!!

at the border!
I was told that in order to get our passport chopped to go to the other side, we need to chip in RM2 (I think you'll understand what i'm saying kan..hehe..but what i can see is, if they want the "undertable" they just ask for it...there is no need to lencong sana lencong sini... ;-p

there is one thing I realise, you know you are in Thailand when you start seeing an architecture like on of that.. all very pointy and in gold colour!!

King Rama the 9th

on the way to Yala

every corner of the street have this one!

streets of betong

one of the market

little cowboy

Yes ? or No ? haha! funny stuff i found in the shop

some interesting stuff sell at the little cowboy shop!

Mini Pineapples! this is delicious!

40 baht = RM4

Betong Hawker Food

cute t-shirt!!


tut-tut reminded me about the jeepney that i've ride in phillipines last december. Tut-tut look like a shorter version of jeepney.Another thing that i like about their transportation is their scooters!! the colours are so catchy, pink with flowers, butterflies AND the men also drive this scooters, i mean real men ah..!

getting the Thai Massage
Me and Mr.Lasal getting ourselves a good thai massage. it only cost us 200 baht which is about RM20. It is quite cheap as compare those in KK. The massager is all women. Their massage is a bit lighter than the filipino massage.

time to go!!

Finally, its time to go back..after having our dinner which is of course must be a Tom Yam...hehe we head back to the gates that we went earlier! planning to go for Bangkok next time! Cross-Finger!!


  1. The third photo above is actually our King Rama the 9th. Not a mayor. lol!!! Did you fill in the embarkation card yourself? or did they fill in for you?

  2. Hye Phatchanon!!

    My apology for the mistake! i get the information from the person whom bring us there! ;-) Kap kun kaa...

    Nope! they fill in for us.. the person ask us to the counter and the person fill the embarkation card and ask for RM2... no offense ya! We also have that in our country but

  3. oops...continued..but here the officers banyak kiasan kot! hehe ;-)

  4. If you were to go again, just ask for the embarkation card only. Tell them you will fill in yourself. The RM2 is actually 'UPAH' for them to fill the embarkation card for you. Hahaha!

  5. oh ya ka..hehe! thanks for the tips! I guess i've been misguided with the tourist guide. I apologize for the mistake ya ;-)

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  7. Hye! WorldMedTourism!!

    Thanks for dropping by yah..glda you find it useful!!