March 26, 2010


As usual, i woke up late today...hmmm while still in the la la land mood, Oscar called and informed about the date and yep...i know the first thing i need to do is fix My Hair.. errrrk *Red Alert* FYI~~ this hurt is pain!! so just bear it~~ Tadaa~~ after 4 hours of triumphant.. finally its done...Light Brown in Color...yep i know the color is not that obvious...for the first time i saw my hair in darky color....LOL The hairdresser....he is very nice wooo...treat me like princess....Thanks Mr.watever his name is.... Hahaha...while waiting for the uncle taxi to come... took some *gediks* picture around the saloon..... *BIG SIGH* The uncle after 20 minutes of waiting!! Huh! <> Mission Accomplished!! HaiR donE~~

Nuestro Primer Concierto

Michael Learns to Rock Concert was our first concert together
it was among the best night ever, the songs and him.. It was perfect and there is nothing that i would ever wanted, than to be with him forever The Tickets 'The performers..honestly i am incapable of remembering the singers name no matter how fanatic i am towards them..hahahaha.... ...actually i always thought all the band member names were Michael.... I love when he do that thing he do ;-p Bluekkk...:-p ...It just you and me... with Tantinie...met her after the concert... on our way home....MMMmwah~~

March 25, 2010

My Lucky Week

I should called this week is my lucky first this Monday i supposed to pay my room rent for rm225 but after numerous negotiations with my housemates then i only have to pay them rm210 per month..there..i save rm15...then yesterday best friend, Oscar...called and told me that i have been shortlisted for the job that i applied in WWF..i know its not confirmed yet if i got the job or not but this my first time sending my resume and cv since i graduated from my degree..i just think its kinda cool...hahaha...then after so many times discussing with my father about going to work finally he gave his blessings..i always believe things you do without conscience is hardly going to's so a big relief that my dad finally say its ok for me what i think best for me...then today...i went to kolej kediaman office to discuss about the debt and after some discussion they agree to let me pay only rm408 for the college rent...its not even half of what i am supposed to pay...actually..if they count properly..its should be more than rm1000..but yeah..i guess..Lady Luck has time to visit me this week..hopefully everything will run well this week...i feel so grateful and content make me want to take a nap now...haha..go on sleepy red friend really make my body feel lazy...huh..*Wink*CIAO BELLA~~

March 20, 2010

The Day That He Woke Me Up at 7am

Today for the first time, since i came back to Bntulu, i woke up at 7am. Haha..of course..the alarm clock doesn't help me at all...its a call from him that make me awake...i don't know why..I'm but guessing I'm highly sensitive towards anything about most people would say when you so much in love with one person..your world basically evolve around seems everything else is so numb when he is around...i usually use the word pink...i mean when me and him are feels like I'm in the pink zone. Everything so sweet, lovely, flowery like as if there is no wars in this world...Haha..others might find this absurd..but i don't really cares...if i do silly things i do it for him...if just if it may turn around not the way i want..i shouldn't regret cause i've made the decision. Back to the point...why on earth that i woke that early in the morning...just because i want to attend the academic seminar held by the faculty...i've been waiting for this seminar since my first semester..but it never being held...i think this seminar is an essential to begin life as a graduate student...eventhough i so keen to participate in this seminar.. I'd only able to be fully awake for the first the second one..i already fall Zzzzzz....haha...the whole seminar were basically interesting...I gained some knowledge and he sacrifices by waking early to wake me up is definitely least this make me love him more...bluekkk...*wink* CIAO BELLA~~

March 14, 2010

Back In Action

DEAR BLOGGIE...JEAN'S IS BACK!...i mean im blogging again..haha..i guess it called yo-yo blogging same like the concept of yo-yo diet..on off doing it...when you feel like it you start again...and then when you dont like anymore you stop...sometimes..i do feel that i have a lots of thing in my mind that i need to write and get it off with...but sometimes i don't feel like it and it seems its useless to have a blog when i don't have anything to write or share in the times i do feel blogging is some kind of the internet disease...its contagious...when some of your friends have it and you think its want one too...its the same applied in facebook,friendster, twitter and some other social networking sites..ironically..besides having me here writing contagiousness of this particular i not one of the patients here? offense just another opinion made by another human in this part of the world... *clap*clap*..CIAO BELLA~~