March 14, 2010

Back In Action

DEAR BLOGGIE...JEAN'S IS BACK!...i mean im blogging again..haha..i guess it called yo-yo blogging same like the concept of yo-yo diet..on off doing it...when you feel like it you start again...and then when you dont like anymore you stop...sometimes..i do feel that i have a lots of thing in my mind that i need to write and get it off with...but sometimes i don't feel like it and it seems its useless to have a blog when i don't have anything to write or share in the times i do feel blogging is some kind of the internet disease...its contagious...when some of your friends have it and you think its want one too...its the same applied in facebook,friendster, twitter and some other social networking sites..ironically..besides having me here writing contagiousness of this particular i not one of the patients here? offense just another opinion made by another human in this part of the world... *clap*clap*..CIAO BELLA~~

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