July 14, 2010

Light Bulb!!!

Yesterday,i have this sudden urge to go for a movie night with my supersweetboyfriend after work. Since my workplace is just one level away from the cinema so...ehem..ehem...faham-faham la kan. hehe..we've decided to watch the new 3D cartoon movie called "Despicable Me"...since he is not so keen on watching the Twilight series...actually me pun sama...(eventhough I suPer love the Book Series) ..the movie version is kinda lame...(No offense Vampire Lovers)...

The movie is about a villain called Gru. He was planning to steal a shrinking laser gun from the research lab so that he can take over the moon. However, Gru have not enough money to fund for his rocket to the moon and then he went to the Bank of Evil for a loan. The bank manager doesnt like Gru due to his poor reputation in doing bad stuff so he sent his son, Vector to steal the shrinking laser gun and shrink the moon for him. Vector able to steal the laser gun from Gru since he has all the cool stuffs than Gru.

Vector and The Shrinking Laser Gun
Gru tried lots of stupid stuff to get back this laser gun but failed, until these three girls came and gave him the idea....or what he used to say Light Barb!! ......I think its not fun if i tell it all kan...its better for you all movie freaks go and have a blastful laugh at the cinema.

The cutest villain dominions~~Love Them!!!
Percayalah.....hehehe....the movie was a total funny blaster. We haven't stop laughing from the movie started until its end. Its a movie that you wanna watch after a long stressful day at work, this movie could change that frown face to a happy smiley face afterwards. So stress people, go watch this!!! Its Super Extra Hilarious~~~ ***** Stars!!!

The Happy Family~~Weeeee~~

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