June 27, 2011

LetterCard from Paris

Its from Nicki !!
Thank You Nicki!! We so touched!! Hope to see you again soon!!
Enjoy Paris!!

From Both of Us 

Jean & Paul

June 22, 2011

Juzzie Smith -One Man Band

One Word ; Awesome!!

KK Jazz Festival 2011

Our Fun Photo at the KKJF photobooth
We attended. We have our fun and relaxing the night with white wine. We even have our fun photo at the KKJF photobooth. Eventhough, we came a little bit late, still we managed to enjoy the later band that night. Our personal favourite that night would be Juzzie Smith, he was playing as the one band show. Totally awesome. We able to get hs autograph on his CD and take picture.

Paul &Juzzie Smith

Me & Juzzie (We taking turns!)

Another one of that fascinates me is Mariko (Jazz performer from Japan). She sang two songs that night, the first one is  about an Orang Hutan that was named after her. Then, the second song " Heroes" is a song dedicated to Malaysian for their help and support to Japan after the Tsunami's. Her performance also complimented by a violinist (a japanese guy as well, but i didnt managed to catch his name..) 

Mariko & the Violinist performing "My Name is Mariko"
The night start slow and relaxing but doesnt mean it ends slow too! Aha! people started their dances in front of the stage when the Aseana Percussion start their performance. It soooo 1 Malaysia performance...joget, chinese dance, the indian dance..nevertheless our very own traditional dance...Sumazau!! The jazz crowd were having so much fun, every one just mixed around and dance their feets off!!
enjoying my joget!!

a pose in a crowd..huh, my dear?
To those whom into Jazz Music or about to get into them, feel free to join the event next year! dont be mistaken ya..im not the organizer (which in this case, it was the KK Rotary Club), and am not gaining any benefits whatsoever. Simply being KK people enjoying the perks that we have in Sabah. As Sabahan, we should support our local tourism kan.. where else is better than here? atas pokok pun atas pokok la...(Haha!!)

Looking Forward For the Next KKJF!!

June 1, 2011

Kaamatan 2011; Tip of Borneo Version

Contrary to the popular habits..this year i'm changing my venue of celebrating kaamatan!! This time..its Kudat..but not to its town..im having my free 3D2N stay in one of the farthest island in Kudat Water, Tigabu Island.
from the courtesy of other blog, the location of the island
Kudat or known as The Tip of Borneo is about 2 hours and 42 minutes from Penampang Town (sometimes depends on the driver itself...haha..) It might take longer hours or shorter perhaps...whatever it is..my trip was quiet unexpected..at first I was just joking with Irwan, our WWF Marine Biologist whom based in Kudat about when will he take me for a visit to their area...and spontaneously he answer me..that i can go with him this weekend..

the boat of life..hehe

the balad farming
I admit I was quite reluctant at first considering that the weekend was the Kaamatan weekend, I never spent it outside of Penampang but make the story shorter I finally say yes to it. This trip was quite unbelieavable, ive done things that i never do before, ive met people that i never quite knew their existed and yeah, i think i finally got time to be just away from every thing that i think i need to be away for awhile.
taking my nap simply facing the big sea!
We slept in the hut that was built on the sea. You can feel the breeze running through your face when you sleeping, You can smell the sea life as you watched those calm water, and you can hear the waves whisting towards the shore. The life in that island it just so minimum, as long as you have food and medicines, you live. their life seem  so simple and part of me just envy them. 
With Neng
(his a good cook!) and Sophia

The little community

learning their dances..Daling-daling
for the past three days, it has been a blast for me, but this time i didnt get to snorkel, the little red riding hood came visiting at the wrong time of the month. However, I do get to met a group of people that live in a sand bar and they do not have any citizenships. When i making funny remarks about a tv show, they just look at me blankly like their never see a tv or maybe they just understand what i'm saying because most of the people there say they dont...they always like refer me as the girl who spoke "Bahasa KK"...Hahaha..its the first time people actually say that to me...
run baby! run to the blue sea!
Bottom line, I have fun and I felt better. I should be thanking the Kudat team for bringing me there, I guess unexpected vacation sometimes better than those planned ones.
simply my kaamatan getaway!