May 17, 2011

New Hairdo; Farah Fawcett Inspired

I am spending half of my monday in a salon! I was getting tired with old perm hair...all of a sudden i have this urge to change my hairstyles ( I know I am such a Drama Queen kan..hehe). sincerely, i believe changes is good at some point of your life to spice it up kan...sticking to the old routine sometimes make me feel old.

so at first, because of the so-called edgyness was controlling myself at that moment. I actually wanna cut my hair to a pixie crop hair like her!
Agyness Deyn...she so hot in awkward way 

BUT...yes there is a but...this is a few comments or feedback that usually get from the hairstylist or my friends..

"emmm...macam tia ngam owh..mesti maw tutup pipi juga tue rambut"

Sigh! yes... i do have a chubby cheek..gosh..round as ball...I usually make fun with my rounded face whenever my fiancee watches his beloved Manchester United team played and forgot to call usually goes like this...

"ya lah ya lah... the ball is rounder than me ..thats why you forgot kan...huh!" back to the hair-do story ,,so I become edgy (in a safe mode..a rainbow hair is totally a big no no for me) either i go big as a lion hair or crop as mice since..crop hair was not a good i turn to this option..
Farah Fawcett
 so is the result for my half day in that salon...

Now...the Farah Fawcett inspired hair-do
In case, if you all were wondering where i do my was in G-Cut, Megalong, third floor, near the 4 hours in that salon was quite pleasant...Thenby, the senior hairstylist was very friendly..
believe me...its good to have a chatty hairstylist when you spending most of the day in their could get tired by reading the magazines the whole hours...;-p btw... i am so loving my hair-do right now..

May 16, 2011

Sunday Date; Gaya Street and Fast Five!

It was a sunny sunday.. a good day to go out and Date! was one of our sunday dates! It has been ages that both of us planning to go and feel the busyness of the infamous sunday market in KK...the Gaya Street!

Photo By NewsHub

The first thing, both of us notice was the all the cutest dogs that was also on sell along the streets. we keep on arguing on which dog we want...he want the daschund and well, i prefer the spanish terrier or shih tzu...these two are way more cuter than Daschund kan...

see what i mean..hehe

by the way...we didnt plan to buy one now...after both of us settle with the and house and everything that supposed to be settled first..then we figure out..which one we would take first...

there is so many things to look at in this market..ranging from wild plants to wild animals (endangered!). hmm..don't know why there is no enforcer around this market to check up things like this.Even though, I've got to praise the DBKK effort in making KK as a litter free area. There were dustbins along the streets.Good One!

After two hours of walking and enjoying our time in the market, we decided its time to go... but before we leave the market ..we bring some souvenirs for ourself too!


The only cost both of us RM35...thanks to my bargaining ability...hahaha
aha! after that both of us decided to go for a cool off some of the heat...haha...non-other than Fast and Furious Five...been waiting for him to come back then baru can watch this movie...well! Enuf said..the movie was a great one! awesomeness! kewl! and all the nice stuff la...and our seats were 3 and 4 F...huh! too many F'ssss since last night...hehe...

these people are just so hot!
 In a nutshell... i indeed have such a fabulous weekends with my love ones!!

May 15, 2011

Face2Face KK Party 2011; Awesomeness!

Bha..where should i start this one? Not only i've managed to get two VIP free ticket from Breeze Mag .. I've got to meet with Celebrities too...ehe!!

The tickets supposed to be for me and paul, but something came up, he couldnt join me, oscar and fedilis to the party (sigh!). The party started at 9 pm but as usual when there is oscar and fids...its never on time...Diva-ness syndrome kan..haha.. tia bah..

The party was indeed  fun...being in the VIP zone, we've got free flow "you've know what" ..meeting the people behind the party (the Breeze mag crew)..and of course the celebs! don't believe me...Here the proof! LOL~~
 wif Dinoza Mahruf!
Wif  Daniel Doughty and his sweet wife (the founder of borneocolours!)
Wif Rica Hitzfm.!
us and I fell in Love wif the Dj ..~Chennele herself!

Me and Her (I am so in love wit her skin! glowing!)

With Nasruddin, the NTV7 host!
 most precious of all...our very own borneon hottie...HENRY GOLDING.. ;-)

May 10, 2011


Sabah Fest much as it been said it is indeed the cultural extravaganza awaiteds by cultural enthusiast and sabahan socialites. Its an event to mark the beginning of the month of festive for sabahan people, May. Every year, this event never fail in promoting and introducing various ethnics/cultural dances that the younger generations might never heard or knew off before. ( I admit.. as much I love dancing and culture and arts..there are some dances I only knew from the show e.g Dindang Dances from the Dusun Ranau Ethnic) Informative eh!!

By the way, the story is about the seven sons of the Nunuk Ragang, chief of Kampung Tompios in the district of Ranau, who coveted the mystical Papakang stone. They looked for it but it was the youngest son, Aki Lintobon, who successfully retrieved it from the bottom of the river.

After he retrieved it however, the brothers squabbled over who would possess the stone.
Seeing this, their father smashed the stone into seven pieces and gave each son a piece, telling them that this would serve as a reminder of their identity as siblings and their origin. As time passed, food became scarce in that area and famine began to beset the land. They were more quarrels as they strived to survive.

 one of the scene in the scene, its a bit like the Tangang myths.

They fought amongst each other and headhunting became rampant. The people had no choice but to make an option; migrate and look for better land or risk starvation. They took the latter and the the six older brothers led their people to different areas. They began their journey towards other part of the land one day, holding on to the stone their father gave them so that they may identify their people in other parts of the land one day.
The youngest named Aki Lintobon, remained in Tompios and even as he watched his siblings walked away, he vowed to seek and reunite his brothers.

The years went by and one day Aki Lintobon decided that it was time to bring his family back together again and thus began the amazing journey of Aki Lintobon across the land to look for his family and the stone of Papakang
so, basically we can guess the ending of the journey right..hehe.. those whom attended, I believe were mesmerized by the varsity of dances and the beautiful colors. This is one of the event that make me proud to be Sabahan.. as it is a proof that Sabah is not only gifted with astounding nature (terrestrial & marine) but also it consist of amazing peoples.

For me, it is the first event that I attended with my fiancee and siblings.. It was indeed worth it!!

at the arrival 
the three stooges!!

Most picture were the courtesy of Oscar Dousin & Fedilis Francis

May 9, 2011

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

It has been 120 days since you left us. we miss you so much and things getting harder each day but don't worry mother, we will be fine, we will cope like you always show us.

There so many things and so many words i wanna say to you, i believe otto and eping does too. I always thought I have the time and never once crossed my mind that you will leave us so soon. the truth is, It was in my mind  that you will be there on my wedding and you will be to guide me on having my first child. I thought I will be hearing you yelling at me for not know how to give bath to my baby or you will be lecturing on house chores that often I am so lazy to work on. I stiil hope this all was only a dream, every morning since you left was the worse time of my life. Sometimes, i purposely wake up late so that I might hear you knock my door and woke me up like you always did. Sometimes, I miss to hear you commenting on how I dress up, asking when will i be home, telling me to do things properly and all those stuff you have been doing for years. All in all, I miss your voice, Mother.

I know I might not be a good daughter to you, I am sorry for being so rude to you, for being so reckless in taking care of you. My best is might not good enough since I cant make you stay with us longer. I am sorry for not fulfilling most of the promises that i've made to you. If you ever read this, I just wanna tell you, that I am proud to be your daughter, I am what I am today, its all because of you. You are the greatest mother, I could ever wish for. Thank you mother, thank you for giving me your undying love even at times, I dont deserve it. I will wait until the time has come, for us to be together again. I love you, Mother. Happy Mother's Day Mak...

Your Daughter

 one of the last picture we have taken together.

May 5, 2011


With a big smile on my face...i'm proudly annoucing that i'm engaged!! I still couldn't get over it..finally after 5 years and 4 months ..we're finally taken our first step in leading our life in togetherness..yikes ...

It was indeed a wonderful day for both of us. Our families and friends came with white/gold apparel and the white lining flowing wih the wind around my garage ... plus red roses embracing the garage was so much alike in the greecian movie..Thanks to Jeffie Jeff (Sabah Make-up Artist), a close friend of mine with an extraordinary talents in makeup/arts. A big hugs to Elaina Sukaimi (Sabah Fashion Designer), for the gorgeous greek-goddess inspired dress... I owe you both!!

I totally love this!!

The ceremony started at 11.00 a.m and gosh! I was trembling and keep on asking my sisters and cousins to check up the situations since i was held prisoner in my own room...haha...finally after about 30-40 minutes negotiating..they finally came to an agreement and i was called out...aha!! dag dig dug...i felt like all eyes was on me..aiseh...hehe.. 

 we were playing diva alike in my room while waiting for the moment...ehe

He putting The ring on my hand!! waa!!

Finally!! im official become Paulbian Fiancee.. now the girlfriend status removed... i know im gloating but i can't help it..haha.. after the cutting cake ceremony everybody pretty much having their fun karaoke-ing, drinking and dancing!! I am glad that my guest were having their fun day at our party! There so much things to tell but this time i just let the pictures do the story-telling ya!! 

the Paul & Jean Clan
 despite all best friend  (Oscar Dousin) for more than 13 years came.
Our Special Thanks Goes to Oscar Dousin, Fedilis Francis,
Jeffie Jeff, Elaina Sukaimi ( Nina Elaina Designs ), David Chang,
Alexander Verus, Audrie Francis and Xieela Pinus 
for making our e-day GREEK!!

More Beautiful Picture ;