May 9, 2011

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

It has been 120 days since you left us. we miss you so much and things getting harder each day but don't worry mother, we will be fine, we will cope like you always show us.

There so many things and so many words i wanna say to you, i believe otto and eping does too. I always thought I have the time and never once crossed my mind that you will leave us so soon. the truth is, It was in my mind  that you will be there on my wedding and you will be to guide me on having my first child. I thought I will be hearing you yelling at me for not know how to give bath to my baby or you will be lecturing on house chores that often I am so lazy to work on. I stiil hope this all was only a dream, every morning since you left was the worse time of my life. Sometimes, i purposely wake up late so that I might hear you knock my door and woke me up like you always did. Sometimes, I miss to hear you commenting on how I dress up, asking when will i be home, telling me to do things properly and all those stuff you have been doing for years. All in all, I miss your voice, Mother.

I know I might not be a good daughter to you, I am sorry for being so rude to you, for being so reckless in taking care of you. My best is might not good enough since I cant make you stay with us longer. I am sorry for not fulfilling most of the promises that i've made to you. If you ever read this, I just wanna tell you, that I am proud to be your daughter, I am what I am today, its all because of you. You are the greatest mother, I could ever wish for. Thank you mother, thank you for giving me your undying love even at times, I dont deserve it. I will wait until the time has come, for us to be together again. I love you, Mother. Happy Mother's Day Mak...

Your Daughter

 one of the last picture we have taken together.

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