May 10, 2011


Sabah Fest much as it been said it is indeed the cultural extravaganza awaiteds by cultural enthusiast and sabahan socialites. Its an event to mark the beginning of the month of festive for sabahan people, May. Every year, this event never fail in promoting and introducing various ethnics/cultural dances that the younger generations might never heard or knew off before. ( I admit.. as much I love dancing and culture and arts..there are some dances I only knew from the show e.g Dindang Dances from the Dusun Ranau Ethnic) Informative eh!!

By the way, the story is about the seven sons of the Nunuk Ragang, chief of Kampung Tompios in the district of Ranau, who coveted the mystical Papakang stone. They looked for it but it was the youngest son, Aki Lintobon, who successfully retrieved it from the bottom of the river.

After he retrieved it however, the brothers squabbled over who would possess the stone.
Seeing this, their father smashed the stone into seven pieces and gave each son a piece, telling them that this would serve as a reminder of their identity as siblings and their origin. As time passed, food became scarce in that area and famine began to beset the land. They were more quarrels as they strived to survive.

 one of the scene in the scene, its a bit like the Tangang myths.

They fought amongst each other and headhunting became rampant. The people had no choice but to make an option; migrate and look for better land or risk starvation. They took the latter and the the six older brothers led their people to different areas. They began their journey towards other part of the land one day, holding on to the stone their father gave them so that they may identify their people in other parts of the land one day.
The youngest named Aki Lintobon, remained in Tompios and even as he watched his siblings walked away, he vowed to seek and reunite his brothers.

The years went by and one day Aki Lintobon decided that it was time to bring his family back together again and thus began the amazing journey of Aki Lintobon across the land to look for his family and the stone of Papakang
so, basically we can guess the ending of the journey right..hehe.. those whom attended, I believe were mesmerized by the varsity of dances and the beautiful colors. This is one of the event that make me proud to be Sabahan.. as it is a proof that Sabah is not only gifted with astounding nature (terrestrial & marine) but also it consist of amazing peoples.

For me, it is the first event that I attended with my fiancee and siblings.. It was indeed worth it!!

at the arrival 
the three stooges!!

Most picture were the courtesy of Oscar Dousin & Fedilis Francis

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  1. its usually held every 30th April and 1st of May. this post were a bit late. but still wanna my thoughts and wonderful experience on this event.