May 15, 2011

Face2Face KK Party 2011; Awesomeness!

Bha..where should i start this one? Not only i've managed to get two VIP free ticket from Breeze Mag .. I've got to meet with Celebrities too...ehe!!

The tickets supposed to be for me and paul, but something came up, he couldnt join me, oscar and fedilis to the party (sigh!). The party started at 9 pm but as usual when there is oscar and fids...its never on time...Diva-ness syndrome kan..haha.. tia bah..

The party was indeed  fun...being in the VIP zone, we've got free flow "you've know what" ..meeting the people behind the party (the Breeze mag crew)..and of course the celebs! don't believe me...Here the proof! LOL~~
 wif Dinoza Mahruf!
Wif  Daniel Doughty and his sweet wife (the founder of borneocolours!)
Wif Rica Hitzfm.!
us and I fell in Love wif the Dj ..~Chennele herself!

Me and Her (I am so in love wit her skin! glowing!)

With Nasruddin, the NTV7 host!
 most precious of all...our very own borneon hottie...HENRY GOLDING.. ;-)

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