May 16, 2011

Sunday Date; Gaya Street and Fast Five!

It was a sunny sunday.. a good day to go out and Date! was one of our sunday dates! It has been ages that both of us planning to go and feel the busyness of the infamous sunday market in KK...the Gaya Street!

Photo By NewsHub

The first thing, both of us notice was the all the cutest dogs that was also on sell along the streets. we keep on arguing on which dog we want...he want the daschund and well, i prefer the spanish terrier or shih tzu...these two are way more cuter than Daschund kan...

see what i mean..hehe

by the way...we didnt plan to buy one now...after both of us settle with the and house and everything that supposed to be settled first..then we figure out..which one we would take first...

there is so many things to look at in this market..ranging from wild plants to wild animals (endangered!). hmm..don't know why there is no enforcer around this market to check up things like this.Even though, I've got to praise the DBKK effort in making KK as a litter free area. There were dustbins along the streets.Good One!

After two hours of walking and enjoying our time in the market, we decided its time to go... but before we leave the market ..we bring some souvenirs for ourself too!


The only cost both of us RM35...thanks to my bargaining ability...hahaha
aha! after that both of us decided to go for a cool off some of the heat...haha...non-other than Fast and Furious Five...been waiting for him to come back then baru can watch this movie...well! Enuf said..the movie was a great one! awesomeness! kewl! and all the nice stuff la...and our seats were 3 and 4 F...huh! too many F'ssss since last night...hehe...

these people are just so hot!
 In a nutshell... i indeed have such a fabulous weekends with my love ones!!

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