October 3, 2011

Fun, Fearless and Fabulous Award 2011: Being a Finalist

Its Out!! The October Issue of Malaysian Cosmopolitan 2011. 

It feels surreal looking at my own picture in one of my favourite magazine. I never thought that I would be one of the Finalist for the Cosmo 2011 Fun, Fearless and Fabulous Award. 

FUN FEARLESS FABULOUS Award is an international award organized by COSMOPOLITAN all over the world. This is the fourth time Malaysian Cosmo organizing the event by featuring 12 women with a career that is new and challenging, at the same time looks charming too. Every Month, from January, Cosmo will featured its 12 finalist and by November, they will give the chance to the readers to choose their favourite candidate through SMS and Vote Form.

I am flatter when Anida Hadi (The Editor) emailed and called me to inform me that I was selected and I will be the first finalist from Borneo to be nominated in this award. Plus, the day they called me for the photoshoot is a day after my 25th Birthday!! Its like a wish come true..being featured in the magazine is like something I want back when im still 17 i guess!! ehe!!(The FFF Column is my fav column too..so iuspirational especially last year winner.. Azrina Jane Abdullah ..the Malaysian Drifter)

The photoshoot session was awesome. I've meet with the december finalist as well, which you are yet to find out (don't want to spill the beans just yet)..believe me..she is totally cool!! ;-)

M8 Studio ;-)

 Dear lovely readers, if you are reading this out..show me some love, do get your Cosmo Copy for Oct and It would be much lovely if you bought the November issue as well. It would be great if you can vote for me too!! There will be more stories coming up on this one!! ;-)

Me, Qaseh and Anida
P/S: Believe me, I'm still pinching myself everytime i saw myself in that page..Surreal!!


  1. Congratulation to you. This is the one and only magazine that I bought every month and proud that you are first Borneo girl to be featured. I am reading your story now :D

  2. Hye Diana!!

    Thanks for your support!! Love it!!

  3. Jean congrats!! you make all the Borneo's proud of you as well as our beloved homeland. I wish all the best and may your dream come true. Aramaiti :-)

  4. congrats!!! will go to book store tomorrow and buy 1... to support you.. :)