October 4, 2011

Hunter & Bubble

It was one of my regular routine in the morning..  checking up other people life's on facebook..haha..(no..la..i'm checking on my small town in Pioneer Ville (geee.. im such an addict kan)...while checking up on my work emails ..hehe..multitasking la kunun...

Then, I came across the picture posted by my gym buddy, Naisy, asking her friends to adopt the puppies left by a stranger in front of her apartment door...well, I fell in love instantly with the puppies, its been quite some time that I want one..after my Snowy left me..few months ago..oh those time...so many losses...

I couldn't resist their cuteness, so I asked for a pair. Their were trembling on their first night at my home, frighten by all the new faces kali.. they seem weak as well, so I make them some milk and feed them with ALPO ...the pair slowly become energetic... im so happy to see those pair running around in my room on that night (yeah, they sleep in my room on the first night, takut kucing cakar..hehe)

I named the all-white dog Hunter, so that it can grow stonger and the white-with-brown-patch dog..Bubble because it so round and bubbly... oh gosh!! as i'm writing this post I couldn't wait for the clock to hit the 5 o'clock...geez..i'm missing them so much.. 

Hunter & Bubble


  1. Cute to the max. I am also a dog lover. I have a Shih Tzu and a German Shepherd breed.

    Check out this http://dianateo-dt.blogspot.com/2011/09/taiwan-day-4-part-2.html

  2. Hye Diane!!

    Gosh!!.. Guci & Rosy are soooo adorable!! *jealous* ;-)