June 22, 2010

Bad June

June is ending...so as my unemployed life..its officially two months I've been waiting to end this sedentary life of mine... for the whole month...i havent been writing anything...my lappie crush at the very time i needed it....duhhh...I come to think that all my bad lucks accumulate in June...ugghh..so many things so many problems happen..one by one came by...its too personal and I'm too embarrassed to even mention...how can a person you love and adore so much turn to a person that you don't even want to know...the trust and respect are degrading no matter how you try it avoid it...at this point my heart is sinking and I'm stuck between two person i love most...every single moment of my life now..i pray that this thing will go away..I pray that the Good Lord open my heart for my forgiveness..open their heart for forgiveness and open the persons heart to us once more...God teach us love is about forgiveness...and I hope that strength to love and respect that person once more...I am trying hard to believe that every problem has its own solutions and it's only a matter of time for it to show up...
~~the emotions haunting me are simply indescribably~~