October 13, 2011

PETROSAINS: The Interview, Offer & The Decision.

I guess people would've been wandering what happening to me with all the tantrum's I've thrown on being in the greener pasture. Indeed, I've got another job offer. The job from an organization that people normally responded the word "sayang" or "hah? kenapa?" when i tell them i've declined their offer. (of course..from the title you already know kan...)

I actually applied for the job three months before i've been actually called and told that I am short-listed for the post i've applied for. I thought they already got people for the post.hmm..

Admittedly I've prepared myself hard for the interview.  I read ton's book's and I did studied the whole organization to make sure that I know almost everything that an interviewee should know. I prepared my outfits specifically for all those three days and it goes with handbags and shoes too. I even talk to myself ..in front of the mirror, bathroom ..and even on my way to the interview...freaky kan.. but I just need to get it right.

This is my second interview and this time the interview were as twice tougher than in my first interview. Imagine there are three phase of the interview and each phases is getting more pyschologically difficult and tense. However, just a friendly advice..anyone can ace any type of interview with thorough preparations + a little sprinkle of luck dust will be a great help.

It was a though decision to make... the decision that I have to make will not only affecting my life but I guess a lot of other life that meant so much too me.

I dedicated this post to all my lovely families and dearest friends that gone through with the decision process. In spite of all that, I realized I do have reliable friends that would actually give me the hard facts of life when I needed it most. To my dear fiancee, Paulbian..thank you babe..for your undying and endless support and love you've show to me in everything little things that I do. No one could ever replace you hunnybun!!
Recommendation ; This book has help me a lot in both of my successful interview. Perhaps this could be a little help to you too.. Just another reference won't hurt  Ciao!!....
Go to http://www.goodreads.com for the book review peepz!

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