July 20, 2010

10 Reasons For Chics to Come EarLy to wOrk

1. No need to rush things. More relax.
2. Have time to plan your worK for the daY. Set your taBle niceLy.
3. Free from the morning guilt for not waking up early and coming in late.
4. yoU arrive earlier than the boss and that might leave you a good impression is it. (Manatau ada ehem..ehem...LOL~~)- I mean promotions ah..don't think yg susuVai~~
5. you have time to go breaKfast with yoUr colleaGues and sharE the moRning stOry..(Ok..this one is baD..but sometime we need to know things kan...)
6. you havE time to touch-up your make-up, hair, dress ka...hehe...(when we feel good, we do our work better i guess)
7. Avoid the sarcastic/curious look or unwanted comments from your colleagues for coming in late. (Nanti Kena TeguR...Bad mood Lagi kan..haishh)
8. CamWhoring!! tHis is the time kunU...manataW trIp lawa tue Hari..time to take your own pic...(ShaRe sama Si Bf kunu..or...non-other than the reknown FB)
9. You can go oNline...to those weBsite yanG restricted during woRking Hour a.k.a you have extra 15-30 mins FacebookIng and Give yOur morNing greeTs to EveryOne.
10. you Can updatE your Blog (Duhh..MacaM saYa update Blog~~)LOL~~

July 19, 2010

The Twilight's Saga :: Eclipse

Okay..this month is all about mUvees...what can i do..im a movie freak...honestly..im helpless when it comes to movie..i can just sit and eat and watch for hours even for days...haha..another obsession eh....bh enuf on that....so this time..Its non other than The Cullen's ..and ya..ya...Jacob...Hahaha...
Honestly, i love the Saga's but then when it comes to movie..i think it doesnt fascinate me well as its in the books. The first one was ok...then came the second one...i fall asleep ok..i never fall asleep when i went for a movie..so thats figure la kan...Boring Tahap Gaban...then yesterday, i went for the third one...it was ok..not so bad but not that good either...
For rM8 and 1hR and dunno how many minutes, all i get from this moVie is repetition of kisses...duhhh...its different when you actually read the book...you will understand the tense between all those kisses and why it is happening...
so basically..the movie was just okay but it might not be my first one in the list to watch...i've been wanting to watch INCEPTION actually..huh!! I dunno it was already playing yesterday..i didnt saw it...i feel so damn sayang ne..i watch twilight instead of this...
hmmm...in spite of all the bad critics from me...i totally love the part in the movie when, Jacob went in the tent and say to Edward "Besides, I'm hotter than you"...waaa...statement!!!!.... hahaha...I love that....apa-apapun...NEXT MOVIE ON TARGET; INCEPTION~~~

July 14, 2010

Light Bulb!!!

Yesterday,i have this sudden urge to go for a movie night with my supersweetboyfriend after work. Since my workplace is just one level away from the cinema so...ehem..ehem...faham-faham la kan. hehe..we've decided to watch the new 3D cartoon movie called "Despicable Me"...since he is not so keen on watching the Twilight series...actually me pun sama...(eventhough I suPer love the Book Series) ..the movie version is kinda lame...(No offense Vampire Lovers)...

The movie is about a villain called Gru. He was planning to steal a shrinking laser gun from the research lab so that he can take over the moon. However, Gru have not enough money to fund for his rocket to the moon and then he went to the Bank of Evil for a loan. The bank manager doesnt like Gru due to his poor reputation in doing bad stuff so he sent his son, Vector to steal the shrinking laser gun and shrink the moon for him. Vector able to steal the laser gun from Gru since he has all the cool stuffs than Gru.

Vector and The Shrinking Laser Gun
Gru tried lots of stupid stuff to get back this laser gun but failed, until these three girls came and gave him the idea....or what he used to say Light Barb!! ......I think its not fun if i tell it all kan...its better for you all movie freaks go and have a blastful laugh at the cinema.

The cutest villain dominions~~Love Them!!!
Percayalah.....hehehe....the movie was a total funny blaster. We haven't stop laughing from the movie started until its end. Its a movie that you wanna watch after a long stressful day at work, this movie could change that frown face to a happy smiley face afterwards. So stress people, go watch this!!! Its Super Extra Hilarious~~~ ***** Stars!!!

The Happy Family~~Weeeee~~

July 12, 2010

WoRking LayDee

Its July the thirteen...gosh!! Its officially been 8 days...i've been in the working world...my first day is basically the most boring day i have in the office...duduk-duduk...baca-baca...hehe..look around...get to know people...the basic things you do on the first day...second day..also goes the same thing...Ahah!! Third day is the day..suda start busy...my first work in the panda world is to do follow up with the XXXX org. i've been ask to call and hmmm...berdebor la juga...the funny thing is that..i even write up a script for that conversation...haha...so basically the whole week, ive been calling and doing letters to the stakeholders...i learn a lot and somehow i become fonder to this job as the day goes by....i hope the feeling is mutual too..I mean i hope that the job also love me too..so i can stay in this business for quite a time...wawwww giteww ah...sangat motivational kunu...LOL~~
The one thing i love most about this panda world is its flexibility of time and casuality of work wear. i am not saying that you can came in and go back at anytime you want, but the working time is not like regular office time. its much like when we do our own research or lab work, you fix your own time. Casuality of work wear is the best thing ever in here, you guys should see what we wear everyday...i prefer to call it Smart Casual...hehe...
on my 3rd day..finally cn wear this dress..
few months suda beli, baru have possible reason to wear~~
Super Love!!!!
Basically...Currently..i am happy with my work...means another love in my life...love for the work and for a living planet....yea...Panda...Panda..Chaiyo!!!