July 20, 2010

10 Reasons For Chics to Come EarLy to wOrk

1. No need to rush things. More relax.
2. Have time to plan your worK for the daY. Set your taBle niceLy.
3. Free from the morning guilt for not waking up early and coming in late.
4. yoU arrive earlier than the boss and that might leave you a good impression is it. (Manatau ada ehem..ehem...LOL~~)- I mean promotions ah..don't think yg susuVai~~
5. you have time to go breaKfast with yoUr colleaGues and sharE the moRning stOry..(Ok..this one is baD..but sometime we need to know things kan...)
6. you havE time to touch-up your make-up, hair, dress ka...hehe...(when we feel good, we do our work better i guess)
7. Avoid the sarcastic/curious look or unwanted comments from your colleagues for coming in late. (Nanti Kena TeguR...Bad mood Lagi kan..haishh)
8. CamWhoring!! tHis is the time kunU...manataW trIp lawa tue Hari..time to take your own pic...(ShaRe sama Si Bf kunu..or...non-other than the reknown FB)
9. You can go oNline...to those weBsite yanG restricted during woRking Hour a.k.a you have extra 15-30 mins FacebookIng and Give yOur morNing greeTs to EveryOne.
10. you Can updatE your Blog (Duhh..MacaM saYa update Blog~~)LOL~~


  1. Good points, also leave sharp from work, so you have your own life outside of the office. I'm a firm believer in that.


  2. Thanks!!! yep..agree with you..life should have its balances right. :-)