May 17, 2011

New Hairdo; Farah Fawcett Inspired

I am spending half of my monday in a salon! I was getting tired with old perm hair...all of a sudden i have this urge to change my hairstyles ( I know I am such a Drama Queen kan..hehe). sincerely, i believe changes is good at some point of your life to spice it up kan...sticking to the old routine sometimes make me feel old.

so at first, because of the so-called edgyness was controlling myself at that moment. I actually wanna cut my hair to a pixie crop hair like her!
Agyness Deyn...she so hot in awkward way 

BUT...yes there is a but...this is a few comments or feedback that usually get from the hairstylist or my friends..

"emmm...macam tia ngam owh..mesti maw tutup pipi juga tue rambut"

Sigh! yes... i do have a chubby cheek..gosh..round as ball...I usually make fun with my rounded face whenever my fiancee watches his beloved Manchester United team played and forgot to call usually goes like this...

"ya lah ya lah... the ball is rounder than me ..thats why you forgot kan...huh!" back to the hair-do story ,,so I become edgy (in a safe mode..a rainbow hair is totally a big no no for me) either i go big as a lion hair or crop as mice since..crop hair was not a good i turn to this option..
Farah Fawcett
 so is the result for my half day in that salon...

Now...the Farah Fawcett inspired hair-do
In case, if you all were wondering where i do my was in G-Cut, Megalong, third floor, near the 4 hours in that salon was quite pleasant...Thenby, the senior hairstylist was very friendly..
believe me...its good to have a chatty hairstylist when you spending most of the day in their could get tired by reading the magazines the whole hours...;-p btw... i am so loving my hair-do right now..


  1. It was nice to meet you the other day Jean!! Keep in touch!

  2. Hye Nina!!

    yeah! it was great..finally meeting you!! Haha!