May 5, 2011


With a big smile on my face...i'm proudly annoucing that i'm engaged!! I still couldn't get over it..finally after 5 years and 4 months ..we're finally taken our first step in leading our life in togetherness..yikes ...

It was indeed a wonderful day for both of us. Our families and friends came with white/gold apparel and the white lining flowing wih the wind around my garage ... plus red roses embracing the garage was so much alike in the greecian movie..Thanks to Jeffie Jeff (Sabah Make-up Artist), a close friend of mine with an extraordinary talents in makeup/arts. A big hugs to Elaina Sukaimi (Sabah Fashion Designer), for the gorgeous greek-goddess inspired dress... I owe you both!!

I totally love this!!

The ceremony started at 11.00 a.m and gosh! I was trembling and keep on asking my sisters and cousins to check up the situations since i was held prisoner in my own room...haha...finally after about 30-40 minutes negotiating..they finally came to an agreement and i was called out...aha!! dag dig dug...i felt like all eyes was on me..aiseh...hehe.. 

 we were playing diva alike in my room while waiting for the moment...ehe

He putting The ring on my hand!! waa!!

Finally!! im official become Paulbian Fiancee.. now the girlfriend status removed... i know im gloating but i can't help it..haha.. after the cutting cake ceremony everybody pretty much having their fun karaoke-ing, drinking and dancing!! I am glad that my guest were having their fun day at our party! There so much things to tell but this time i just let the pictures do the story-telling ya!! 

the Paul & Jean Clan
 despite all best friend  (Oscar Dousin) for more than 13 years came.
Our Special Thanks Goes to Oscar Dousin, Fedilis Francis,
Jeffie Jeff, Elaina Sukaimi ( Nina Elaina Designs ), David Chang,
Alexander Verus, Audrie Francis and Xieela Pinus 
for making our e-day GREEK!!

More Beautiful Picture ;

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  1. It was my mother wish for both of us to get engaged on this date (30-04-11) and i'm glad i fulfill her wish. Thanks again you all. It mean so much.