March 20, 2010

The Day That He Woke Me Up at 7am

Today for the first time, since i came back to Bntulu, i woke up at 7am. Haha..of course..the alarm clock doesn't help me at all...its a call from him that make me awake...i don't know why..I'm but guessing I'm highly sensitive towards anything about most people would say when you so much in love with one person..your world basically evolve around seems everything else is so numb when he is around...i usually use the word pink...i mean when me and him are feels like I'm in the pink zone. Everything so sweet, lovely, flowery like as if there is no wars in this world...Haha..others might find this absurd..but i don't really cares...if i do silly things i do it for him...if just if it may turn around not the way i want..i shouldn't regret cause i've made the decision. Back to the point...why on earth that i woke that early in the morning...just because i want to attend the academic seminar held by the faculty...i've been waiting for this seminar since my first semester..but it never being held...i think this seminar is an essential to begin life as a graduate student...eventhough i so keen to participate in this seminar.. I'd only able to be fully awake for the first the second one..i already fall Zzzzzz....haha...the whole seminar were basically interesting...I gained some knowledge and he sacrifices by waking early to wake me up is definitely least this make me love him more...bluekkk...*wink* CIAO BELLA~~

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