March 25, 2010

My Lucky Week

I should called this week is my lucky first this Monday i supposed to pay my room rent for rm225 but after numerous negotiations with my housemates then i only have to pay them rm210 per month..there..i save rm15...then yesterday best friend, Oscar...called and told me that i have been shortlisted for the job that i applied in WWF..i know its not confirmed yet if i got the job or not but this my first time sending my resume and cv since i graduated from my degree..i just think its kinda cool...hahaha...then after so many times discussing with my father about going to work finally he gave his blessings..i always believe things you do without conscience is hardly going to's so a big relief that my dad finally say its ok for me what i think best for me...then today...i went to kolej kediaman office to discuss about the debt and after some discussion they agree to let me pay only rm408 for the college rent...its not even half of what i am supposed to pay...actually..if they count properly..its should be more than rm1000..but yeah..i guess..Lady Luck has time to visit me this week..hopefully everything will run well this week...i feel so grateful and content make me want to take a nap now...haha..go on sleepy red friend really make my body feel lazy...huh..*Wink*CIAO BELLA~~

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