July 21, 2011

Oops! U.N,D.E.R.G.A.R.M.E.N.T.S ~ ~

As I was going thru with my July CLEO (a true companion to cure my boredom, to solve my fashion issues, a boost on self-enhancement...and..ectera..ectera...), I was stuck with  Santhi Ganesan article on "10 WAYS TO FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN". Something about the list bring back some reminiscence on my own experience.

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it was the NO.2 on that list which have caught my attention "Never underestimate the power of quality undergarments". I agree with her that, We, women, often neglected or i might say ignored the power of good and quality of our undegarments. We always have that little thought "hey, nobody gonna see what i'm wearing inside, so why bother" or " i'll better save some money so that i can spend on more clothes" BUT think again chicas, how do suppose to feel and look great for ourselves if the foundational undergarment we've chose inside is lame.


Admittedly, me myself was once the victim of wrongful choice of undergarments especially for my twins (hmm..i'm sure you'll understand what i mean..hehe..). I've always thought i should buy those smaller size bra's that will lessen the attention to my boobs. I've realised my twin has always become an attention which somehow at times makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't really bother to know the size of my bra, sometimes, my choice will be those that are fancy without considering its ability to support as well as shape my twins ehe!. Nevertheless, i am one of those girls that thought that i can save some money by buying cheaper set of bras, so that i can spend more on clothes or shoes or bags, or accessories..or ..simply others..Little that i know that my choice of non-quality-unfitted-unfunctional bra lead to my poor posture and makes me look fatter.

Read More @ http://www.knickersblog.com on the top 5myth of brasizing!

I never realize that choosing the non-quality + wrong size for the twin cause my twin to look old and unflattering than it should be (you know..saggy-hangy kinda look). When I realise my wrongful choice, and slowly change it, I was surprised to the wonders of a better choice in buying myself a good quality of undegarments. I feel more confident, I believe my posture improved, and I do feel good in any dress or clothes that i've put on me because whatever it is, I believe I have a strong and supportive foundations!!

* for more info on how to measure or chose the right bra for your bountiful twins..read here!

Selecting a new bra size sometimes can be a little difficult, even though 85% of women are actually not wearing the right size bra today. Choosing the right bra has more than getting the most stylish bra at the store. Women need to choose the right fit.


  1. i happened to be like this before. For sure, we shall choose the better one soon.=)

  2. Yea indeed kan Azean... :-) before, i was the victim too..speaking in my own experience..hehe

  3. LOL girls stuff, so I dunno much:P

    But I always believe that quality is important! no matter how expensive, must buy once in a while ;D

  4. Thanks Armstrong...

    yep, you can support the women in your life by spending some for them..;-)