August 27, 2011

The Merdeka Raya Mini-Bazaar

The sale is ON... finally I've got my chances to sell my pre-loved items that been actually been so long kept and unused in my closets. I have always wanted to try participate in bazaar. Well, its turn out to be fun, as well as tiring at the same time. But as for the profit... Its fair enough to say that i am well-satisfied!! Hahaha!!

The Fleastatic Mini Merdeka Raya Bazaar!!

My Pre-loved cloThes

More prE-loved items

Massage and Crafts as well!!

BTW, lets go into details la ya... The Mini-Bazaar is actually organized by the JCI Intan for the upcoming Merdeka-Raya celebration. Its open for the JC members as well to the public. The bazaar is kinda like a garage sale..the western people always does this kan... "Other peoples garbage might be someone else treasures"....Well..peepz..the good news is..there gonna be another one soon... be alert on your facebook and might as well to my post....prepare your sales people..if you wanna join the fun!!

Me and The Jc Intan President, Zyee

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