July 11, 2011

SPECIAL EDITION: RoaRing KucHing...ContLagi..

DAY 3 :: Cats, Museum and Cheng Ho!!

RWMF was totally awesome. we went back to our hotel almost about 4.30 in the morning. gosh!! we were totally drained! we didn't manage to go for the third day as planned...
  I got to meet with Kath Yip, Siew Hua and Lister (her hubby). Oh! sometimes meeting old friends makes you feel kinda aged kan. Nita, Kath and Siew Hua were used to be my housemate, back in terengganu. Meeting them again reminds me of those days..my first year in college !!
its indeed a gastronomic and fruitful day for us !!

Kucing Manja!!

Lister purposely park his car at the roundabout for us to snap a pic...the drivers are sneering at us somemore...haha

jumping moment with siew hua!!

Ethnology Museum

Natural Resources Museum

believe me! people at the cafe beside us..were staring us as we posing for this picture..haha

Kath yip!! sweet girl from Ipoh!!

the chinese maze

@ the gate of Taman Sahabat

more ads like this please!! go green!! go Green!!

feel so china eh!

India Street

Kungfu Panda??
Thanks Kath, Siew Hua and Lister for making our days in Kuching!!

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