May 9, 2013

The Proposal

I don't know if I am one of those hopeless romantic fella, but I always dreamt of having the most romantic and all the top proposal from my future husband. But since I've met my husband now and getting to know him, I know I have to let go of this one dream.
It was  two days before our wedding and we are still busy preparing this and that for our big day . I remembered feeling so stressed out, mix feelings and I keep thinking about my mother, wishing she be there on my big day, telling me what marriage would be like and walk me down the aisle together with my father.  I don't know if I can even smile on that day, maybe its written all over my face, the anger, the nervousness, the sadness, the doubts and so many other feelings I couldn't describe.

That fine day, after our meeting with the priest, we went back to my apartment to get something but before I start getting busy, He hold my shoulder and ask me to sit down. I can't even think and at that time I cant even guess what he wants to do but the moment he start kneeling in front me and holding our engagement ring, I was like "oh, my gosh, I think he going to do it". He look at me in a way I could never describe, and he start saying these to me  " I might not be the most romantic guy for you and I am sorry I don't prepare the most romantic proposal dinner as what you always dream of, but I promise you that I am going to take care and love you as long as I live, will you marry me? " It strikes at that time, watching him saying all those beautiful words to me, It wasn't the roses or the fancy candlelight's dinner that I need from him but his true love and his willingness to commit the journey of marriage together as one.
At that very moment, I believed this another of God's way of telling me that I have made the right decision. It's simple but too meaningful and with tears coming down to my cheek, I answered him back " Yes babe, Yes".

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