May 21, 2010


Demit!!! someone somewhere which is totally unknown suddenly judging me just because I've posted some funny stuff on FaceBook...yep..those funny statuses does contain some "HOT" words (this person refer COCK and PENIS as HOT words)...but its only for intention is only to share with young and maybe some open minded middle age folks on that statuses...I didn't intentionally send those statuses to her...PLUS..I'm not referring to her at all...Duhh! At first she started by sending me polite message asking me if i purposely i sent those statuses on facebook.. honestly i replied her message telling her that I do it only for FUN and its nothing PERSONAL... i thought everything went fine after say ok and say its a bit daring for her.... I Do understand not all people are very much open with words but the thing that DEFINITELY piss ME off is... She posted her status that goes lyke this "SOME SICK PEOPLE ARE ABUSING FACEBOOK VIA STATUS SHUFFLE...WATCH OUT" then the BIG HUMONGOUS HUH! came out from my mouth! WTF! I did say I am sorry (4 times in the message i replied to her) if those statuses have offended her in some way.... she say okay and laugh and then wHat the hell with those status BITCH! Then..I realised all her statuses is about Prayer and God hey! I'm not here to judge..ITS AWFULLY GOOD THAT YOU LOVE TO PRAY BUT LISTEN WOMEN..WHATEVER YOU DO YOU ARE NOT BOUND TO JUDGE OTHERS!!!! OH Fuhhh! I'm not very much the swearing type... but this SUPER BITCH HAS CROSS HER LINES MAN!! the funny thing is i told my mother about this women and my mum knows her and we were kinda related WHATEVER!! FUCK OFF!!
*as soon as i saw her status Ive definitely blocking this BiatcH!!* P;S SAYA TEDA WINKING-WINKING NE KALI~~


  1. Duh! Pathetic + narrow minded! Odoi! If u tend to come over her, pass this 2 her, Get a lyf!

    p/s:Cool2x chickx!

  2. yeP!!! Super buduh ne orang ne...i already delete + block her from my FB suda...then she say my name ganjil agen dat..dia xpaham maksud Tati kali tue..or she cannot accept my name is Jean...haha

    P/s: cooling down suda ne..hehe

  3. Hi Ivy!Nice blog..hehe..sabar2 dear...jgn marah2..kat mane skang ivy?kat blok or kat kg?

  4. Hi Linda...Thanks..its ok..saje je nak lepas geram...skang ne kat rumah lagi.. you?