May 27, 2010

The Fairytale Story That Isnt One!

Once upon a time, on a Saturday not so far away from the Penampang district...a couple was sitting in a Park or maybe its not a park, a field maybe called Padang Merdeka (i don't know if i get the name right, don't remember really).Their were talking, discussing apparently on the subject of buying houses or if possible, buying lands to built their dream was sweet..i mean in a way that both are showing/preparing themselves to those kind of commitment..yep..that couple was me and him...we were attending the property fairs held by the SPNB..because we were planning to settle down with the roof on our heads before the day that we say "I Do" to each other...others might think this was too early...but that was always in my plan since high school i guess..if i ever getting married..that guy must posses a house, a car and a life insurance of does sound materialistic isnt not asking for a villa, a Ferrari or even any of those luxurious thingy...i am asking for the essentials..the essentials that what i think i need to feel secure enough start a life together with some other person...
a newlywed need a house to have a room to have their very own bed so that they can groan and moan all night long without have to worry their might woke up other people..hahaha..nah this is only of the big reasons..there is a lot of other reasons...well...our elders might perceive cars as a luxury aspects of life but that particular view might not went well on these days...we unfortunately needs this to make a living, for emergency..and for a lot of other reasons i might not have ti list it here...while for the life insurance..ahaha..thats is only precautionary action..we never expect what life must have been good but it might flip coin to the other side.... well. what i write here was not practically involved in our conversations...mostly we were talking about the mortgage rates for the house we wanna or we planning to have..and all the other budgets we need to think of in the coming year...the things that both of us have to limit to get the life we want...haha..especially surprise there huh...and then suddenly during our talks...i shrugged and say this to him "Life is Hard" and then he smile and say to me "there you are, you have grown up my baby" ahahahaha...No la..that what i want him to say...its like those dialogue in the hopeless-romantic kinda movie would have say..what he actually say was..."Ko sedar suda sayang" is with smile...hahaha..not so romantic kan...but bulihlah...when you are in love everything is sweet even though sometimes its salty...haha whoa...guess its enough to say that i will not be getting my dream honeymoon in Paris and the kiss under the Eiffel Tower sooner...someday hopefully...but apparently nothing of those really matter does it when you finally know what you are committing to..a life with a person you truly love..sometimes it is not only what you want it to be but it is what the "US" want to be like...well..that very conversations end with lunch and a dress...hahaha...(I think i might use my time now to enjoy my no compromising era for the better things first).... Nope....eventhough its start with "Once Upon a Time" this one certainly will not end "Happily Ever After" this time...However...I wish for it to be "Forever and Always Be Happy".... one of my favorite fairytale-ever CINDERELLA -The End~

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  1. It's good to have achievable goals in life :-)