May 3, 2010

~Me & The 3T's Month~

May...its the month of festivities for the kadazandusun...its simply the 3T's month (Tapai, Tagung and Tondu) all know what i mean...every year there would an opening ceremony for the Kaamatan Month but then..i never seem have the chance to go and watch it...hmm..i don't know when but i already put it in The List..One of the reason...i've failed in this mission is simply because...every year since.....Hmmmm....i dont exactly know when its family on my father sides always have this family gathering which on that day..we all will be celebrating Mother's Day...especially for the Mums in the family and of course..for our Big Momma (My grandma)...Since my father has a very big family.. (He is the 3rd among all 12 of them)...this is the only time we all can gather around and updates ourselves with their lives...i guess it has been 3-4 years i havent been able to join the familiy gathering...being away and stuff... Honestly..this year i've been planning to skip the family gathering AGAIN...just because i wanna attend the opening of Sabah my friend, Oscar able to get a cheaper ticket and i felt its such a waste if i didnt attend it...but...aha! the moment i told my daddy that i don't wanna go back with them...he make that face...the face that make you feel that there is no hope to argue yeah...ill follow my family and its not that bad also..meeting the old folks and the cousin mazen...hehe...exchanging stories and thing i realised is that..most of my cousins have babies of their own already...and when their addressing me as aunty...haha..well...don't know la what to my uncles and aunties keep showing their fingers to a sign of asking..when im going to get myself engaged...hmmm...this one of the part that i actually dont favor much from a family gathering.... just complicated...okayla..thats all for tonite..will be uploading the photos soooo sleepy ody..feel lazy want too upload now...lotsa lotsa of winking *CIAO*

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