May 4, 2010

Sabah Fest; The Legend Of Arung Salamiah

Its Fabulousnesssss!!! The show was awesome....the choreography was great, the decorations and the people ive said before I've been meaning to attend this function on the 1st however due to "sebab-sebab yang xdapat dielakkan'..I've canceled it...Luckily, Oscar got another tickets for the 2nd of May performance..hehe... well..the story is basically about the most beautiful Bajau Lady in semporna named Arung Salamiah whom have promised her heart to the Bajau Guy called Tanjung Kalang...however..because of her popularity due to her beautifulness..some Bajau Dato...wants to take her as his wife even though he has so many wife..typical kan..(banyak datu-datu ada banyak isteri juga nowadays) like usual..the hero and the villain fought for Arung Salamiah...which at this part..she have to run away and hide herself...during the war of love..Tanjung Kalang has hurt himself which then took him some time to soon as he recover..he start his journey to find his true love, Arung...he travel around Sabah..and during his travel..he saw many different culture from different part of sabah..however...despite his long journey to find Arung...he failed to find her since she already become the fairy and wouldn't come back as human again...hmmm..biasalah dat kan...bukan happy ending..hehe.... after and Oscar and his lady boss..take some time..taking pictures with the was totally nice and am really having a good time that night...smiling till ears...haha...*CIAO*


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