February 14, 2011

P.A.R.I.S ::My Fuschia-CaR

I'm engaged with a nine year contract of debt for my very first Car.. P.A.R.I.S... its a big decision, I still haven't get over my phobia with roads and big cars. well, I guess, it just the way I've handled my grievances... I just need to distract myself with all the disturbing thoughts that I have since my mom's. hmm.. lets not talk about that...

Its was during the my discussion with my colleagues, I have this sudden need to finally get my first car and surprisingly, at that moment, I am determine to get that Limited Edition Myvi...just BECAUSE...its Fuschia a.k.a similar species to the pink-ceae family...hehe...

so, I called Cynthia Lo, my ex-schoolmate, whom work as an agent now with Perodua KK, to make the deal...and yes after all those processes... I finally get my PARIS today... 14 February 2011... plus...I've got the plate number that I want ... a combination of me and paul birth date....and....should I say...yes! another is ticked on my list....;-)


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