July 1, 2011

First Of July : CelebraTing My 1sT WeWef Milestone

Its 01.06.2010 when I first step in this office. Oh! how time does flies..its been a year i've been apart of this fun and amazing panda community. I have learn a lot through a year and fair to say I have been places. Just enjoYing Friday and yeaP gonna saY thanKs to Kim Chung for the Lunch and Lollipop!! gaH!!

ChecK it OuT!!

Getting In!!

the Crime Area..hehe
With Wilma, among the sweetest person in the office!

PaNda Girls!!

Welcoming Jothea to the cOmmunity
* Absolutely loving the panT suiT :: J-Lo Inspired!! aHa!!


  1. Jean, ko kerja sana bh pula kan. Haha. Sa da p intrview sana ari tu.

  2. u work at wwf ah.. very good!!!!
    im sasatien , ur follower , 22 years old from sabah , nice to meet u!!!

    I have a contest here!!!!

  3. Steffy : iya, oo dmana ko p interview tue ari? apa post? ;-)

    Sasa Tien: Hye!! Nice to meet you too...will soon drop-by!!