July 2, 2011

R.I.N.G.S :: D'Nu Obssession

Its seasonal I guess, Last year, i was so obssesed with collecting earings (the long and dangling kind of earings) if you'll remember the post, Aha!!

It all started from my trip in the Phillipines. A Christmas gift from Emily Monville, a sweet and "Maganda" lady from IIRR, she gave me this HUGE ring that made from Mother Pearl. Coincidently, before that, I've read these fashion article about RINGS, the fact that BIG HUGE BEAUTIFUL rings could complete/compliment your attire which I found its indeed true. 

and then, Kim came along (my panda colleague), she really does have a good taste in fashion. Her style is more or so alike Summer Girl/Beach babe, it simple but yet in a sexy way, I should say. Hehe, it does sound creepy kan, the way I portray her but..yeah...honesty is the best policy, though. Thats what i thought her style was..so just gonna say it la...Okay..by the way, one day (at work), I saw her wearing a beautiful artistic ring and it really catch my eyes. Haha, I admit I also want one, what can i do...its natural for a girl for wanting something beautiful too..right? ehe!

But, I didn't really go searching for the rings though...only until last month, after we (Kim and I) went for a mani and pedi in donggongon, we found this little shop in Megalong, that sell random cutesy and girly stuff, selling a wide range of beautiful and bold design rings..PLUS, its less than RM10..which is equal to worth it!!

today, we went again for our beauty session weekend and again we went to that little shop and guess what!! we bought RINGS for ourself...hehe!!
My Fourth Ring-Its an Owl...Ironically, My Third was A Glittering Snake!!
P/S :: Highly recommended to complete the look of the day..be it at work or a simple day out!! If there is one accessory that you should buy this month, try buying yourself one of these...and see how the magic works!! Go on pamper yourself, Fashionista !!    ;-)

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