July 4, 2011

JC IntaN BBQ Pot-Luck GMM

I've met Anna and Sabrina at the Body Pump class in Core Fitness Centre Point. We didnt start talking until after the class finish, I guess we are too occupied on pulling up those weights. Aha!

at first, it was just random chit-chating but..you know, one lead after another, when me and Sabrina start exchanging our namecards, I realise they both were JC members and plus they are in the Board Committee. So, I start asking what they actually do, what are the activities, and they told me about the LYC Programme,  which is so Oprah-Like ..which equal tooo....Drum-Rolllll.. I like it!! They might have seen it in my face...the excitement when they told me about the calendar photographing..yah..yaH.. i love being pHotographed..sorry for being so vain, sometimes..i just couldnt help it okay.;-p

Then... they invited me to their commitee LYC meeting, which lead me then to the BBQ PotlucK GMM today. The gathering was awesomely fun and well, its very engaging. We talk, share stories and laugh all through the party. There is a lot more about JC that I wanted to know and be able to do. Giving back and doing something for community especially women is something i 've been longing to do. Plus, I realize all these women were charismatic and POISE..(yes, they do talk in a poise-alike kinda tone) which fascinate me.
Arrived! Taman Malakun
Nevertheless, I learn something new as well, like making a BUSCHIETA...i dont if i spell right la.. ;-p ..I enjoyed my day and I am looking forward towards this...I dont expect it to be easy, well..you know...handling work, planning for the big day and now this...but I'm gonna give it a try. fair to say, I feel its kinda right that i am doing this for myself.
Wif Lenore, JC since 2006

Anna, the one that responsible influencing me to join

Sabrina, LYC Programme Coordinator

Helping wif the food


The lovely couple, Yong & Lenore

Abby, B'day Gurl

The  Housewarming Gift

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