July 10, 2011


Day 1: The Arrival

At last, the day awaited has finally come. It’s been way months planning and preparation for this trip. I never have been to Kuching even though I have been living in Bintulu for almost two years. Simply because the distance from Bintulu to Kuching take the same amount of time as Bintulu to Kota Kinabalu so most of the time I will rather spend those times to go back and spend it with my loved ones in KK.

So, why now kan? Its all because of the RAINFOREST WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL that has been held in Kuching ever year since 2005. It was one of the most happening events that has been a phenomenon in Borneo whereby people from all over the world raided Sarawak Cultural Village for three days simply to enjoy the music performances from the selected bands.

Well, we arrived at the Kuching International Airport around 6.00 p.m. We quickly took our taxi to TELANG USAN HOTEL which I booked since last February. It takes us 10 minutes for our taxi since we have to queue for it. Clearly, we can see the RWMF fever. There were about 3-4 groups of foreigner and I overheard their conversation about their previous experience in the festival 

We are here!!
at the entrance!

Along our way to the hotel, I just couldn’t help not to notice that Kuching City is indeed very clean. This remind me of Santa Cruz, one of the municipals in the Philippines, believe me…there is not even a candy wrapper you can find lying around in their street. Its like none..totally NADA. I am not saying that our city is dirty but I’ll bet when you go to these places, you’ll understand the differences. 

I could describe our hotel as middle aged however, it was cosy and the location was quite strategic. You could simply walk to almost of the tourist attractions. After unpacking and settling ourselves, Gary picked us up at the hotel and we went for a dinner at KHATULISTIWA, a café situated just beside the entrance of the Kuching Waterfront. The café arrangement is quite nice and it looks welcoming from outer side of the café. About 30 minutes later, Wilonita and her friends came; it’s has been 3 years that both of us last meet each other. The first night went out nice, strolling over the Kuching Waterfront and camwhoring was indeed the first thing we have done after three years of meeting again! Aha!!


the outer side of the cafe

Laksa Sarawak

Lyana, Nita, and Me!

Photo Credit to Kerol Izwan

And so, the party started at 12 midnight, where, me, paul, gary and felly continues our night at Terminal One, Padungan Road. The club was so packed with foreign faces, I guess every one started to geared up their engine for the RWMF. We partied up until 4 a.m. Super Splendid!! 

Beware! ;-p


  1. Memang banyak band perform ka? Macam siuk pula bunyinya ni tau. ;)

    # dari sabahan, untuk sabahan #

  2. Hye Fadzmie!!

    Thanks for dropping by!!

    banyak band tue..3 days..every day ada 8 bands...try la pg...